Friday, March 27, 2009

New Camera.

My old camera has done me well. I cant begin to guess the number of photos it has taken over the last 2 1/2 years. The trade off for having the camera with me to photo whatever and whenever it takes my fancy means that it is thrown at my feet in the car, in the sports bag etc. Wherever I go the camera goes. The end result is photos, photos, photos but a bashed around and "old-before-its-years" camera.

It has finally had one knock too many and now the battery door wont stay closed. The choice was to part with it for FOUR WEEKS while they worked out what was wrong and how much to fix it. Then pay money fixing something that was already well worn, or biting the bullet and buying a new one.

The new Canon Power Shot was bigger, fancier and very appealing. It was also very expensive at a time where we have so many other things screaming out to be bought, fixed etc. I walked out of the camera shop empty handed feeling a mixture of disappointment and yet self control.

This only lasted long enough for me to get home and research it online where I found it being sold 20% cheaper. A whole weekend of Should I?/Shouldn't I? and I caved in.

You cant put a price on memories can you!

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