Tuesday, March 31, 2009

School projects.

However did our parents cope? They did a great job when you think about it. They managed to get us through school without killing us of peanut anaphalaxis and they managed to help us with our homework without Google?

Sian has had no homework for two weeks now. No homework that is except a project on an Australian Landform of her choice. No problem, I thought, just Google it I thought....

Easier said than done when our PC drowned in the flood. Use Byron's laptop I thought. Until the wireless router died of exhaustion. Buy a new router Mr B said. Internet connection works, Internet connection dies. Down to the library to get BOOKS about the Great Barrier Reef. READ through them taking notes with a pen and paper? Luckily Sian is still capable of using this old fashioned technique.

Many notes later and all we needed was a map for the center of the project. Internet connection works, Internet connection dies. The old printer was still mourning the passing of the trusty old house PC and was refusing to make friends with the laptop. After much persuasion it decided to allow the laptop to print things but not scan, oh no, that was too familiar for the old fashioned printer. Internet connection works, Internet connection dies. Unable to scan any images from the books in the library, unable to download any images from Google. Resort to cutting wave shapes from colourful paper.

Had a brainwave, take photos of photos of fish in books then print from laptop! At last something colourful to brighten up all the hard work and info Sian had gleaned from the heavy reference books from the library.

And finally, glue stick in hand, Sian puts all the pieces of our, sorry her, wonderful project together. It is complete, it is a masterpiece! I know what water temperature coral needs to grow and that limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of at least 50% calcium carbonate.

Don't you just love projects. I wonder if my Mum had as much fun when I did my project on "Where milk comes from" complete with stuck on shiny silver milk bottle tops from the milk bottles the milkman used to deliver... and not a Google in sight!

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  1. Very good Mum!!! Did you know that maybe in a few million years time the Great Barrier Reef could turn into a coral atoll? Dad did (only because I told him!!!)

  2. Smart a***!

  3. Seriously guys, does noone remember what i did in college for 10 years? next time forget google and pick up the phone!

  4. Ahhh! Good point. Why waste our good time and money searching for on-line info when we have Auntie Carrie educated to hell and back about all things rock and pollen related! Next time I should just fly you over to be our kids personal homework coach! How about it sis?!

  5. For once I agree with you Mum. Plus it would be nice to see Carrie! What do you think Carrie? After all You did study rocks for ten years in college! Also Mum, Could you also manage to fly over Granny, Grandad, Nanny, the other Grandad, Uncle Huw, Auntie Julie, Kerry, Louise, Uncle Steve, Auntie Karen, Jasmine, Rachel, Natalie, Bette-ann, my other friends.....!