Tuesday, November 29, 2005


We have just come back from the best afternoon ever!

When Byron finished up work we decided to go fishing! We are lucky to have a little park just 2 minutes walk from the house with a playground, covered BBQ and picnic tables and a small jetty onto the lake- perfect to try out Gareths new fishing rod! We brought a pot of prawns and weren't very hopeful about catching anything when suddenly on Gareths second cast he landed a greatl little fish! He was so proud of himself!

We carried on and Rhiannon managed to catch a few little ones. Kel decided to gamble one of his small fish and put it on his hook as bait for a bigger fish. Sure enough his rod was straining a few minutes later but when he reeled it in he was left with the original tiddler minus a massive bite! Not to be deterred he carried on and yet again reeled in a straining line with a medium sized fish on the end. When he let it off the hook it spat up the bite off his little one- it had been the one that got away! What a great story!!!

When everyone had had a good go we went back to the communal BBQ area and cooked some kebabs then ate thick slices of home made banana bread smothered in butter! PERFECT!!!

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  1. Exams are far more fun that fishing!

    The fishing looked fun though. Did any of the kids get upset at seeing the fish in distress?

  2. Marvellous not everyone catches fish at their first attempt. Well done all of you.