Saturday, January 07, 2006


The new year is with us, and it reached us here first!

New Year's Eve was great this year but we struggled on New Year's Day. Not because of hangovers, although they were more than warranted, but because of the heat.

49.4 degrees celsius.

In old days that was 12o degrees fahrenheit.

However you look at it, it wasn't funny. It was the second hottest day on record in New South Wales, and we were lucky that one of our rooms had built-in air conditioning because that's where we spent all day.... our portable air-conditioner won't operate in temperatures over 34 degrees (what's the point in that?!) so it's been relegated to the garage. 49.4 degrees! Needless to say we were all cranky as hell before we went upstairs to oven, er bed.

Since then, it's been much cooler and we've been developing our webbed feet again by staying in the pool. All the kids have become so much more confident in the water, even Gareth is wearing flippers now.

We're dreading our next water bill.....because of the heat our pool was evaporating fast and that meant that it needed filling with fresh water. I dragged the hosepipe from the garden and starting re-filling the pool. Except I forgot about it until about 3 hours later when I noticed that the pool looked larger than normal. Ouch, I must have poured over 1000 litres of water into it !

It also seems that we may me moving out of this house sooner than we'd like. We've a six month rental agreement that takes us up until the end of April, and we were hoping to extend for another six months. The family that rented this property to us have recently moved north to Queensland to start afresh. Unfortunately, after just 2 months away they're homesick and have asked us to move out as soon as possible. Legally, we are allowed to stay until the end of April, but as their family have children in both Sian and Rhiannon's class it may make things a little awkward if we stand our ground. It's a real shame because all of our furniture has recently been delivered here and we love it so much, but it's back to house-hunting again. Who knows, if we find a big enough pad, you're all welcome and you can bring your mates too!!

Happy 2006 everyone!

By the way, thanks to all those who leave comments on the site - it's good to know that our blog is being read.

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