Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Computer whizz kid

Computers have become a day to day part of our lives in this house. We are on-line most of the day and first thing most mornings we check our emails as the kettle boils for the morning cuppa.

Byron is known to our friends as "The Eagle" for his skills in all things computerised and the rest of us are known as "The Turkeys"

Gareth has become very interested in the computer and has probably more of an idea about how it works than either of his sisters.

As I collected him from Pre-School one day last week he was at the pre-school PC with Julie, one of the staff. The PC is sat at a little low desk with kiddy sized chairs. I walked in on Julie saying "...but Gareth, how did you do that?" He had by-passed the icons on the desktop that bring the kids directly to the educational software games and had gone searching through: Start menu - All Programs - Accessories - Games and finally had opened Freecell, the solitaire card game that comes on most PCs! The staff were gobsmacked that he had known how to find his way through such a complicated process!

At home here we have a pretty solid "net nanny" installed to prevent access to anything unsavory. It wont even let me access You Tube without jumping backwards through hoops and typing in passwords. I was glad that we did have it so well protected today.

Gareth was playing on the CBeebies website and I was in the room sitting next to him making a card. The next thing he said "Guess what Mum! I've found a new website!" He had decided to see if there was a website dedicated to the letter "Z" (his favourite letter at the moment). He had opened a new Internet page and had done a Google search on "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" The search by Google found a Japanese site with strings of the letter Z in it.....?

Watch out Eagle, there's a new Eaglet in town...!

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