Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

It was my birthday on Monday. What better way to celebrate than by getting up at 6am and going into my first day in a new job.

I hardly slept with nerves all through Sunday night. I left the house at 6.30am and as I reversed down the driveway in the shivering cold I realised that the windscreen wasn't just misted up it was actually iced over! Byron came to my rescue with a kettle of warm water. This Aussie Winter weather is too much like the UK for my liking.

It was a busy day getting to grips with learning the layout of a busy ward and learning where everything was kept. Add to that trying to remember the names of all the nurses, doctors, physios, occupational therapists etc, never mind the actual patients names and my brain was like jelly.

When my shift was finished I stood outside the hospital and waited for Byron and the kids to collect me in the car (which Byron had managed to collect earlier in the morning by getting the bus from our house to the hospital) It was great to see the car coming down the hill and to see them all waving at me.

We had 15 minutes to get to the local swimming pool and get Sian and Rhiannon in the water for their swim lessons. After swimming we got take away fish and chips and went home to eat it in front of the 6 0'clock news. This will make more sense if you have read the next blog up from this one! When the excitement of the news was finished and the fish and chips were all gone the kids all scarpered from the room and came back in with Byron a few minutes later with a lovely chocolate mud cake!

What a nice end to a busy day. I crawled into bed at 9pm with the alarm set for 5am for another early shift the next day, cursed when the phone rang at 9.30, threw the batteries from the phone across the room and went out like a light.

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