Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Kid free fun in Sydney

Today was a real treat. Nessa and myself planned a day in Sydney to explore, sight-see, eat drink and be merry! We dropped the kids in school, drove to a local train station, parked the car in the last space in the car park, raced into the ticket office as the train pulled onto the platform. The man selling us the tickets said we would never make it but we proved him wrong as we ran up the stairs, across the bridge and down the stairs to the platform on the far side of the tracks and jumped on the train as it was just pulling away! It took most of the two hour train journey to Sydney to get our breath back!

We stopped for coffee and cake as soon as we got to the Queen Victoria building.

Next was a walk around the beautiful shopping center and then a lovely walk to Darling Harbour.

We searched for our family name on the Welcome Wall and Nessa managed to find it amongst the thousands and thousands of lines of writing. Next stop was a walk over the Pyrmont bridge. Lunch over looking the harbour, a glass of chilled white wine.

Before we payed the bill we had decided how to spend our last hour before the train home. We left the restaurant and walked 10 minutes to the Lindt chocolate shop cafe and ordered two hot chocolates.

I have never had such an indulgent chocolate drink. You get a jug of steaming milk and another jug of pure melted Lindt chocolate! Heaven!

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