Saturday, January 24, 2009

Food fight!

Tonight we decided to celebrate the end of a great school holidays by going out to a Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant. I had been there once before with friends and had got the kids very excited at the idea of watching the chef cook their food and then knowing that some of the food would be thrown at them to eat!

We got there by driving around the edge of a spectacular storm with dark clouds and lightning bolts left and right.

It was a very hot humid evening and we were glad to get inside the air conditioned restaurant.

We were joined up with another group of adults to form a group of 9 that sat in a horseshoe around the hot plate.

Our chef was straight out of the comedy channel or else had escaped from the local asylum! He spoke very quickly with a strong Japanese accent and had a wild laugh that ended most sentences. The kids were completely lost for words as he threw utensils and food through the air and prepared our meal in front of us. The other people at our table were very friendly and kept pouring glasses of Saki for Byron each time they refilled their own. They gave the chef a couple of glasses too which he really didn't need as he was crazy enough as he was!

The food was amazing and the kids tried everything that was put in front of them. Beef, chicken, king prawns, squid, hake. The chef asked them if they liked the fish. When they said "yes" and asked what fish it was he shouted "Finding Nemo" before breaking into laughter again. Gareth's jaw dropped and Rhiannon and Sian had to persuade him that it was a joke!

The end of the meal was the big finale where the chef made a fried rice using eggs that he had thrown through the air at us to catch in little bowls. When the egg was cooked he flung mouthfuls of it at our open mouths and Byron nearly had an asthma attack laughing at everyone with egg on their face. Eventually it was his turn and we had the chance to laugh back! The final food throwing involved bowls of rice spinning from the chef to us and we all did really well only spilling small amounts.

We had a wonderful time and before we had laid our chopsticks down on the table for the last time the kids were asking us when we could come back. It was great to see them have so much fun and to see them try new foods.

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