Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Advent Day 7

This one's for you Anne!

This is not our piano. It's a piano that we are babysitting. It belonged to our friend Anne's Mother, or maybe Grandmother.... I'm not sure and Anne is in Japan so I can't check with her. The piano stool was made by her Grandfather. We are borrowing them both so that the kids can enjoy them. Byron is threatening that one day he will chop it up for firewood and put a bookcase in its place. It's not his favourite piece of furniture in the house but for now he is outnumbered!

Today Gareth opened his Advent calendar window and played random (VERY) loud notes in the spirit of Christmas using one finger over and over while Byron was trying to work in the next room. He didn't help the situation much!

Now Gareth's gone to bed and I'm off into the garage to hide the axe....!

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