Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Francesca thinks I'm AWESOME!

I was delighted when my friend Francesca blogged a post about her own awesomeness and then named three people she thought were also awesome. Guess what? She put me down as one of her three! 

Well obviously I think Francesca is pretty awesome in herself and has great taste in friends *modest cough* Part of the deal in getting to blow my own trumpet is that I have to tell you the following info... So here goes!

The idea here is to push modesty aside and talk about three things that are awesome about you without fear or guilt or any sense of self promotion - just an honest account of why you rock.

And then you get to choose three other people, state why YOU think they are awesome and tag them so they know about it. Hopefully they then might want to join in as well!"

Why I am awesome:

1. I think I have an adventurous spirit. I'm not afraid to try something new. Whether it is a new recipe or packing up all my possessions and moving to the other side of the world. I try to enjoy the opportunities that life throws at me and think it will make for some great stories when I am old and wrinkly and knitting in my rocking chair with grand-kids at my feet!

2. I am creative with my hands. I have made my daughters communion dress, painted murals on my kids walls, make cards for friends birthdays, built my own guitar from scratch, enjoy amature photography, built a veggie garden and watched my plants grow . I love the challenge of learning a new skill. I don't think I could ever be bored as there are always 101 things on my bucket list waiting for a chance to be done. 

3. I am a good mum. Not a perfect Mum and not without flaws but when I look at my three great kids I know that some of their success is down to how Byron and myself are raising them and that makes me proud. What's more I absolutely LOVE being a mum. I have been so happy and content in this role and know that if this is my finest accomplishment in my life it will have been worth every hug. 

Three people I think are awesome:

1. Diana. She is so full of positive energy and adores being with her growing brood of Grand-kids. She is so proud of their individual characters and speaks so well of her own kids and sons and daughters in law. She has been happily married to her hubby for over 30 years and I love how she seems to be living a full and happy life and shares that with me. She makes me feel like the future is to be looked forward to and makes me hope that my kids will be as close to me when they spread their wings and start their own families. 

2. Corey Amaro. She left behind her family and friends in America to marry a man in France without speaking the language. Instead of finding life hard and moaning about it she grasped it with both hands and danced. She takes the most wonderful photos and reading her blog makes me feel as though I am running through the cobblestone streets of an old French village with a flowing dress and lavender perfume in my hair!

3. Catherine. She is an Australian blogger whos posts I really enjoy. She balances running her house, raising her kids and throws some baking and creativity into the mix for fun. I think she is very "real" in how she writes about her life. She doesn't try to portray herself as something out of an airbrushed magazine. Her blog posts reflect a life that is made up of all the things that are "family" and not always just the exciting things. She makes a blog post about a week spent pottering about at home sound brilliant. It makes me feel I should see the good in my everyday too!

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  1. A well deserved award, I also think that you are awsome!

  2. You really are an awesome lady. I know that we haven't met in person Gina but seeing your children and hearing about how all of you interact with one another I can see you are a great Mum. Thank you for choosing me as an awesome person you've just made my day. Hugs to you. xx

  3. Oh my goodness~ Thank you Gina! Your kind words melt my heart! Can clearly see your "awesomeness" right through my screen! You are an awesome mum!

  4. It's a great job for posting this valuable information

  5. Yes, yes I do :-)

  6. By the way, awesome Mrs B, the Liebster award thingy has come around again. I chose to do it again, as it's a bit different this time. You made the cut again, but no pressure to resend. Here's the link: