Wednesday, December 18, 2013

When a mask is not what it appears to be...

A parcel arrived from Ireland. We were told to expect something funny in it for Byron. Something that had been found for a couple of Euro at a Christmas fundraiser by my mum and sister. As the parcel was opened I took a small video clip on my phone. We find it great to send little video clips in emails in addition to phone-calls as I know my parents enjoy being able to replay them over and over on their side of the world. It makes them feel more involved in what we are doing over here in Australia.

This is the video (after Byron had edited some "snow" falling around us!)....


We certainly had a laugh with Byron wearing his new Santa mask. Then we waited for an email response from Ireland. When it came it was full of hilarity and exclamation marks!!!!!!!! They talked about how they had laughed till they cried and were watching and re-watching it holding their sides with laughter.

It took a second look at the "mask" before it's odd shape puzzled me enough for me to think it was meant for something else. And then the penny dropped. Byron's mask was not meant for his face but his posterior.

It is a toilet seat cover...

I have re-watched the video with new eyes and now I can truly understand the tears of laughter that were shed in Ireland. At least it was brand new they reassured us! But poor Santa, I just can't bring myself to use the downstairs loo this Christmas!!!

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