Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fitbit crazy.

I still love my Fitbit. We recently bought them for the kids too. We thought it would show them what couch potatoes they were but they have surprised us with how many steps they register on an average day. 

Byron and myself both still aim for 10,000 steps a day and see how many days in succession we can do without falling below our goal. We often make it for many months without failing. Some nights I pace the bedroom floor and watch it go 9,998 9,999 10,000 and fall straight into bed! Other days I exceed the 10,000 steps, particularly if it's a Monday when I walk with a friend as the kids play tennis. 

This screenshot is a particularly crazy day. I was decluttering and cleaning, running up and down the stairs over and over as I brought things down to the box for this weeks charity shop visit. I also had a mammoth phone call home to my mum where we caught up on loads of things but I walked as I talked (Thank you Dr Michael Mosley documentary for that tip!) Followed by my Monday evening walk.

My grand total as I fell into bed was over 30,000 steps. I slept like a baby! Do you have a pedometer or activity bracelet? I can't imagine not having one now. It really has been amazingly motivating. What keeps you at your optimum fitness?

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