Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I'm back in the saddle!

For anyone regularly reading this blog you will know that in 2014 I had a goal to take a daily photo and blog it here. It was a big challenge and there were many busy days that I nearly didn't bother but in the end I achieved it. On January 1st of this year I gave a sigh of relief and then told myself I deserved a break. I just didn't expect the break to last this long! I have continued to take photos and send them on to blogger as draft posts, I just didn't follow through and publish them. This week I've decided to get back in the saddle again due to some gentle prodding from friends that it has been a while!

So forgive me while I go back through my draft posts and publish them retrospectively! If you are still here then thanks and I look forward to hearing from you and catching up with the comings and goings of your 2015 so far...

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  1. Yay, welcome back!

  2. Good to see your lovely photos in my feed again!

  3. glad you're back!

  4. Welcome back, Gina!! I'm so glad it wasn't a permanent break that you took!! : ) I hope all is well with you and your family. It's been bitter cold in New York for so much of the winter. I'm looking forward to spring and taking some photos other then of the snow again. LOL!! I hope you're having a lovely weekend!! xo

    ~ Wendy