Monday, March 23, 2015

Worth waiting for!

I've been working at the same hospital for a number of years now. I didn't know there was an award system in place where you got a gift for every five years you have worked with them. My 5 year anniversary came and went and then out of the blue a year later I got a letter in the post telling me to go on-line and choose my gift. That was last year. Finally it has arrived! 8 cute little dip dishes! At this rate it shouldn't be too long before I've earned my next gift...!

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  1. That's nice although they should really hurry up a bit. But next time you'll know and remind them ... Will you show the dishes (unpacked) on your blog soon? They look nice. Do they all have different colours?

  2. They are all different colours and hopefully I will be back to blogging a bit more regularly soon. I'll make sure I post another photo of them being used! I hope all is well with you,