Sunday, May 28, 2006


At last!

After weeks of fannying about, procrastinating, deliberating and a great deal of haggling, we finally bought our first boat today. We live next to the largest inland salt water lake in Australia, and we definitely feel like the odd ones out not being able to scoot around the water on the weekend with a bottle of bubbly and a case full of good grub !

Having borrowed and scrounged turns on friends' boats, we are very much looking forward to returning the favour sometime soon.

Here's some pics of the boat in the showroom, they were taken on my mobile phone camera, so they aren't the best quality.

Yes, it's red...yes it's a speedboat, it sits 7 people, has a cover, trailer, radio, waterproof speakers, anchor, ipod charger and seven drinks holders for the adventurous.

Here's a picture taken directly from Sea Ray's website:

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  1. Does the woman in the bikini come with it? And will you be growing you hair long and dying it black?

  2. Great news you'll have to watch you don't get caught sppeeding.

  3. wow !!!!! how fast, what about getting a dounought to pull behind you !!!! looks fantastic !!!