Friday, June 02, 2006

Nice one Siân

Every two weeks, Siân's school presents something called the Principal's Award to two pupils picked from the entire school.

Today, Siân received this award and was called up on to stage during morning assembly (held outside because of the fantastic weather). While up on stage, the headmaster explained to the whole school why Siân had been chosen to receive this award (her good manners, excellent academic ability and enthusiasm).

He also reminded everyone that she has only been attending the school for less than six months, and complimented her on how well she has become integrated into the school community. After a large applause, a chuffed and shy looking Siân returned to her seat.

Well done Siân!

Monday update:

Sian is just home from school and has shown me this weeks newsletter. She is very proud because it mentions her award....

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  1. Well done Sian, we're proud of you