Thursday, September 21, 2006

House Build week 1: Excavators

We have signed contracts with our builder that legally obliges him to start work on our block of land by Wednesday 27th September.

We got word that today was going to be D Day! Apparently the tree surgeon was booked in to remove the big fig tree in our neighbours land in preparation for the excavator to move in next week. When the excavator finishes the levelling and cutting of the block the next team of concreters move in to prepare the slab foundations that the house will be built on. Our 30 week building contract should start from then. Here is photo from a few weeks back showing the tree next to our neighbours house.

I went along early this morning to get a last picture of the land with the tree in place only to find the sound of construction in the air!!! The tree was gone and Barry the excavator had arrived with his transporter and was driving the big yellow CAT off the back of it onto our block. I was so excited I nearly hugged him but just managed to control myself! Good job too because Barry is your stereotypical Aussie bloke with skin like a sundried crocodile and and didn't look much like he goes in for public displays of affection!

Here is the first official photo of the action. We will be putting lots more photos up over the coming weeks so watch this space!


We drove past the block at lunchtime on the pretence of going for another lakeside picnic. Really it was to let Mr B share in the excitement.

Barry was still hard at it in the hot midday sun. Give that man a beer!

I have been looking for a way of sharing small video clips on the blog but they are huge and too big for the blogspot. I have registered with YouTube and can upload videoclips for free and then put the link to them here. I have had my first attempt of uploading the magical moment of our first days excavation! I hope you will enjoy it!

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  1. Great news. Would like to be kept informed of progress.

  2. congratulations! i am really happy for you. after renting for 5 years, i know how i would feel about building a my own house! i'm jealous :-)