Sunday, October 29, 2006

Captain Caveman

I had fun tricking the kids this weekend. They were engrossed watching cartoons on the tele, when an old favourite of mine Captain Caveman came on. They were impressed with my enthusiastic impersonation of him, and I sort of got carried away....

I somehow managed to convince Gareth and Rhiannon that when I was younger, I was in fact the actual Captain Caveman in the cartoon. I described my cape, my whiskers, how the Teen Angels used to call me 'Cavey', and so on.

Sian was much more sceptical, so much so that she tried to outsmart me by asking technical questions such as what was the cartoon bird's name that hides in Cavey's wooden club, and asking the names of the Teen Angels. Anyway, she clearly wasn't convinced and asked me to phone Nan so she could ask her herself.

"It's a fair cop" I thought as I handed Sian over to my mother, but to my amazement (and without any prompting from me), 'Nan' backed up my story completely. I was starting to win Sian around but she still wanted more proof.

"Prove it!" she said, "Show me your name on the Captain Caveman website".

Ah. That could be a little tricky....

Within 10 minutes though I had found a website and without her noticing, had managed to add my name into the HTML text using the same font and colours.

She was totally bowled over and immediately said "I believe you!". It wasn't until Rhiannon said "I knew you would never lie to us Dad" that I became guilt-ridden and had to come clean by admitting that I wasn't actually one of Hanna Barbera's creation, but just plain ol' Dad.

"But you can't be lying Dad, it says so on the website".

A lesson to be learnt there methinks. Ahhh, but I was a superhero for a few moments !

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  1. Perhaps Pinnochio would have been more appropriate Mr B !!!!

  2. Next you'll be saying that there isn't a Santa.