Sunday, October 29, 2006

Christmas Panto.

I know it is still October but a local group of families put on a fantastic early Christmas panto this weekend.

It included many familiar characters from traditional childrens stories in a bizzare story that twisted and turned and like all good pantos had a happy ending!

It was great fun to watch especially knowing so many of the people on stage. Well done to Sian and Rhiannons friends, Gemma (Sneezy) Sophie (Happy) Harriet (Harriet) and Jasper (Bashful)

My favourite character had to be Little Red Riding Hood, otherwise known to her friends as Anne-Marie Connelly!!! Anne-Marie is a natural at many things, holding a champagne glass, talking away calories in broken biscits (they don't count because they have evaporated...?) and laughing and talking without taking a breath for almost as long as me! But now she has added another talent to the list. A natural on the stage Anne-Marie breezed through her lines and sang her heart out.

Watch out Broadway, There's a new star on the rise!!!

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