Friday, April 18, 2008

Eye test.

We decided to book everyone in for a routine eye test. The poor optician had his work cut out for him when the 5 of us piled through the door soaking wet from yet more torrential rain!

The kids took turns fighting over the order they were having their tests in. I filled in all the paperwork at the counter and one by one each of us had our turn reading letters and having lights shone in our eyes.

A couple of hours later and all three kids got a clean bill of sight and Mr B had had some unusual photos taken of the insides of his eyes, Yeuch!!!

Before we left he ordered a new pair of glasses. He has a habit of twirling his glasses absent mindedly and dropping them on the tiles so they are well in need of replacing. When he was trying on all the different pairs of glasses and looking for an opinion all I wanted to know is how tough and durable they were. In the end he chose some flexible frames with super strong poly carbonate lenses.

Wonder how long they will last...!

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