Friday, April 09, 2010

When it rains...

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  1. Gina... that is the sweetest picture of sisters I have EVER seen!!!

  2. oops ... It's Diana a.k.a.Meme! sign in under my daughter Beckie's account!

  3. Is this your photo? I love it. Just glancing over your blog, I'm really impressed with they way you artistically add words to the photo. Hugging siblings gives the whole world hope.

  4. Awww, what a precious picture. Thos two will treasure each other for their whole lives (at least once they both get past teenage years.)

  5. Absolutely adorable.

  6. Puleez tell me you posed that...

  7. Ok, here's the story...

    Yes, I took the photo on my mobile as we walked.

    No, it's not posed.

    No they are not sisters but just try telling the little one!

    She is my friends daughter. She adores my girls and calls them her "sisters". We borrowed her for the day and brought her see The Golden Goose with us. It was raining from the car to the theatre and all the way she kept her arm around Sian and kept glancing up.

    Why oh why does this level of adoration not happen naturally between genetic siblings, sigh!

  8. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras! I know you would have hated to miss that shot. Great capture and I love the story you shared about the little girl.

  9. Gina that is a fantastic picture! I love it. Sorry I haven't been around in a while! Hope you are well!

  10. Wonderful, wonderful capture. Beautiful processing as well.