Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rhiannon: Sports Captain 2011

Rhiannons school elect pupils in year 6 to  be School Councillors and Captains each year. Rhiannon had to write and practise a speech and then say it in front of the other year 6 pupils and teachers. The students voted, the papers were counted and Rhiannon had been voted Sports Captain of the Hunter Team for 2011 !

Today was the official ceremony where all the Captains and Councillors were given their school badges. Being a Thursday I would normally be working but a few days ago I got called in to work in the afternoon and worked through till 10.30pm only on the promise from my boss that I could have today off in lieu. It was well worth the trade off. Days like today are what make being a working Mum really hard. To have it all work out so that I could be there was really brilliant.

Rhiannon looked really proud. Well done sweetheart!

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  1. congratulations! She's such a sweetheart

  2. Darling pictures! Congratulations to Rhiannon!

  3. How proud you must be! Rhiannon~ YOU ROCK!

  4. Very exciting! So glad you were able to be there!

  5. Awesome, Rhiannon! Such a neat honor!