Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

This Valentines Day I decided to shun the commercialism of Valentines day. I could say that I was disillusioned with how much junk was being offered up for sale in the shops and how I was making a stand against buying more rubbish that will end up on the garbage tip next time I go mad spring cleaning... The reality was I looked but I didn't see anything I thought Byron would want. There are only so many pairs of fluffy handcuffs one can own. I was tempted to go buy myself some new undies (all in the selfless name of a gift for him) but I think I've pulled that trick a few too many years running and it is wearing thin!

And so I decided to listen to some old fashioned advice. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I decided to bake him the most decadent rich dark chocolate cake possible. Easy!

I searched the Internet for the most indulgent recipe possible and found this....

I emptied my fridge out onto the kitchen counter and made a mess like this...

only to check the oven 45 minutes later to find this...

There may have been a few frustrated tears. If my love for Mr B was supposed to be represented by this amazing cake then what was I supposed to interpret this awful mess as? 

I did what any sensible person would do. I threw a tantrum and then started to break off the crunchy overflow and eat it. It actually tasted quite good. Then I got a spoon and started into the gooey baileys soaked layer at the base of the tin. This actually tasted amazing. 

This is the point at which the kids got home from school and I asked their help to rescue the cake remains and create a Valentines dessert for Dad. Gareth suggested throwing some of the cake bits into a big bowl of whipped cream. Sian added the strawberries and Rhiannon helped by eating placing chocolate curls on top to decorate. I watched from the corner of the kitchen where I sat on the floor nursing the bottle of Baileys! 

By the time Byron came home it looked like this...

100% pure love, with a little help from the kids

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  1. That's awesome! Way to go.