Monday, February 06, 2012

Is bribing kids with sugar wrong?

I am was officially the Worlds.Worst.Mother.

Yes, swimming carnival was last week and I was working. Normally I am there cheering the kids along and as the carnival comes to an end comes the "Big Choice"

1: Get on the bus back to school or...
2: Get your parents to sign you out early and take you home.

What choice would most kids make?

Especially if 99% of those parents then fill in the unexpected hour together with a visit to an ice-cream shop, McDonald's or the local cafe for a celebratory sugar rush?

I told Gareth I would try to make it to the swim centre by the final race and would sign him out and we could go for a milkshake together. By the time I actually made it there the pool was empty, the car park deserted. They were all back in school. Cue large dose of mother-guilt.

I drove home deflated passing the school on the way. At the last possible moment I swung the car left and up the drive of the school. I was overflowing with mother-guilt and no-one was going to get in my way. As soon as Gareth saw me his face lit up and he went running for his bag. With the teachers thumbs up we signed out at the office and went straight to a local cafe and ordered the largest caramel milkshake they could make.

Mother guilt = Massive sugar offering = Happy child = No brainer!

It was so easy. I think I'll write a book on parenting...

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  1. Firstly, you are absolutely not and never were world's worst mother.

    Secondly, that is the best equation I've seen in a long time!

  2. " I think I'll write a book on parenting..." ....I could add a few chapters...

  3. You're a great mother Gina, turning around and heading out for that milkshake makes you the coolest Mum out. x

  4. Ha!! My kids are grown, with kids of their own and I still would buy your parenting book~ just for the laughs!! Well done Gina! Parent guilt is the WORST and it is always best to give in to it!!

  5. I love the way you write. Look at the smile on his face! It might just be the "Mum time" rather than the milkshake that made it super special.

  6. hee here shall I write the forward dear!? Gina, we can only do what we can and what you did was super human! Hope you had cake that day you deserved it !