Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adventure time

This year Rhiannon chopped and changed her mind about 5 times as to what type of cake she wanted for her birthday.
Chocolate with Smarties and KitKats?
Rainbow layers?

Late yesterday afternoon she announced that she wanted to help make an "Adventure Time" cake. She wanted to make a cake that looked like the character Finn from a favourite tv cartoon.

She was pretty pleased with the end result!
Happy Birthday to my gorgeous Rhiannon.
Today you turn 12 and take one more step from childhood towards the teenage years.
You are truly amazing.
You are funny and sensitive, you brighten our family simply by "being"
You have a wicked sense of humour and are more like your father than I care to say!
You draw constantly and are getting more and more confident with your ability to sketch and create.
What will you be when you grow up?
An artist? A famous clothes designer? A comedian? A veterinary nurse? 
As long as you keep that wonderful smile on your face you can be anything you set your heart to...
And whatever you become I believe you will always be happy!

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  1. Penblwydd Hapus Rhiannon, hope it's been a wonderful day.

  2. Love it... great job Rhiannon! Happy 12th!

  3. Happy birthday. And what a cute cake.