Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Soggy Birthday wishes...

It's so unbelievably wet here that even the inside of the post box has filled up with water. Today's post was sodden and unfortunately Rhiannons birthday cards that had arrived look more like paper-mache.

I have peeled the half disintegrated envelopes off and delicately opened the cards and am trying to dry them out in the laundry room.

That is, after I get rid of the slugs....!

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  1. Happy Birthday Rhiannon~ Try to stay dry over there!
    Sarah and I are hitting the road today for the 3 day drive home... going to take it slow and easy~

  2. We have rain today for the first time in a couple of weeks. With the winter giving next to no snow and now a dry spring we're sure to have drought conditions this summer. My father in law was visiting his family in Ireland a couple of weeks ago and he said they've been having tons of rain, too. You're in the midst of a feast and we're in the midst of a famine!! : ) I hope things dry out for you quickly. Especially your daughter's birthday cards!!

    ~ Wendy