Monday, September 17, 2012

New routines.

About 3 months ago I moved over from shopping at Woolies to shopping at Aldi. At first it was frustrating having a smaller choice of products. Often a recipe called for something that just wasn't stocked and I found myself going next door to Woolies to buy it. I decided to buy the Adli cookbook which only uses items stocked in their store. If I menu plan from this book and add some tried and tested family favourites I can have a weeks worth of dinners that don't require trips to two supermarkets.

Being a smaller shop means that it physically takes less time to work my way up and down each aisle. I can be in and out with a weeks worth of shopping in half the time it takes in a larger shop. I've also found a way to cope with the policy of no bags. I have three laundry baskets side by side in the boot and spread the shopping between them straight from the trolley. At home it is a simple job of bringing the three baskets straight in to the kitchen and unpacking them. Things don't seem to get squashed like they do in smaller bags and it is better for the environment too.

I think half the battle of making changes is adjusting to the challenges of a new routine. This change is worth it because it is working out well for our wallets. At one point recently I was contemplating returning to a three day work week to help cope with the increase of living costs. Whatever inconveniences shopping with less frills and choice brings I have to remind myself that it sure beats working an extra shift in the hospital each week! 

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  1. I love shopping at Aldi! Some of our most loved toys have been purchased there as well. Plus, it is the only place you can buy English Muffins without Preservative 282! Where did you find the Aldi cookbook though? I have never seen one. x

  2. you are so right about the new routine thing it is that for me as well as really liking certain brands and products that you just cant get there and I HATE having to go to multiple shops. With a Gluten Free child it often means visiting several places as it is as say IGA has one line of cereal which is (almost)edible and another say Woolies has (semi) decent GF crackers and then COles only stocks another type of flour mix for example, then the health food store for other things. Such a frustrating process - I have tried to convert to aldi and faltered several times but I like your system. So do you go from trolley to conveyor belt to pay and then reload into trolley again at the counter then load into these baskets in the car park? Not quite sure I understand the system but it may help me get over one of my barriers to going there. It certainly does save money and yes the thought of a few inconveniences or getting used to a new routine vs having to work another day to cover costs thats a good comparison and motivator for sure

  3. I wish we had an Aldi close by. I love the idea of using baskets in your boot - so ingenious.

  4. Hi there from Montreal Canada..originally from Edinburgh Scotland.I know Aldis well and loved reading about your change in shopping habits.

  5. We are finding our finances in a pinch right now and with the holidays coming I am looking for ways to change the way we do things. I am thinking of trying Aldi's out. Thanks for this post!

  6. Brilliant Gina! I had no idea Aldi's had a cookbook! So smart of you to make these changes and so worth it! Enjoy your extra time at home!

  7. Wow, what a great idea to have a more basic grocery store that is less expensive. There is one in the area that I know of, but basically it's more of a huge store where you bag your own groceries and it's hard to find anything on the tall shelfs. Add to that the 1/2 hour drive and it really isn't worth the money saved. And yes, anything to cut a shift at work is worth the small sacrifices.

  8. Years ago, we visited Ireland and I had the opportunity to visit a supermarket. I remember thinking how many fewer choices there were compared to where I shop here in the States. I thought it was great because I feel overwhelmed by so many choices. There are at least ten different brands of everything here and it's just too much. The laundry baskets are a brilliant idea!! : )

    ~ Wendy