Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Reality check.

For those who may be under the mistaken impression that we live a perfect life in a tidy and well organized house...

On Monday evenings we have a tiny time window allocated to eating dinner. Exactly 25 minutes from the time one child returns from swimming lessons and another is collected from music theory class we head off in the car again to tennis comp classes. In this time window I serve food and hope everyone gets time to eat it.

Last night the hallway was littered with dumped swimming gear, handbag, car keys, the abandoned vacuum cleaner hose and the non-refrigerated grocery shopping (still waiting to be put away since a couple of hours earlier) We were eating mouthfuls of hot dinner as quickly as we could blow on it to cool down.

That's when the doorbell rang.

It was our neighbour holding dangling leads and a laptop that had "crashed and died" Could Byron have a look at it? With promises to check it out when dinner was finished Byron returned to the table. Ten minutes later I was driving one kid to tennis and u-turning home again to help another with homework before jumping back in the car to collect tennis child. Somehow the groceries were ignored as Byron concentrated on the laptop and finally he cried out "Who's Da Man" and swaggered off next door to return their now working computer.

He had a funny look on his face when he got home. "You'll never guess what Rich just said to me... He said "Ignore the house Mate. Our place is a mess, almost as bad as yours!"

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  1. "Birds" would be flying out of my finger tips at that comment & a not so gracious "pay someone else to fix your BLEEPING computer next time mate!!!

  2. lmao!! We're all in the same boat!! I loved this post!! Thanks for the great chuckle!!!!!! : )

    ~ Wendy