Wednesday, July 10, 2013


What better way to get back into the passion of blogging than by starting with my passion, Mr B! 

And his passion, Rugby. 

Byron needs no excuse to get excited about rugby or his native land the glorious Wales. Combine them together with some Irish, Scottish and English sportsmen too and what do you get? The British and Irish Lions playing their three test matches against the Wallabies over the last few weeks. Being Australian citizens you might think that there would be split loyalties going on in the Baynham household but the Welsh blood runs fiercely through Mr B's body and he has worn his heart on his sleeve since getting hold of the 2013 Lions jersey.
I heard a great fact on female spies operating in WW2. Some were so good at maintaining their persona in their alter ego that it was almost impossible to make them crack and revert back to their true character. How did the enemy find a flawless way to prove what nationality these women really were? Follow them into the labour ward. Yes, you've got it. No matter how well they pretended to be part of a different culture when in the throws of labour their real nationality was exposed through the use of their native language as they pushed their babies out.

Well if Mr B ever decided to become the next 007 all they would  need to do to crack his cover would be to sit him in front of a rugby match with Wales playing against anyone else in the world. Within seconds you would see my crazy Welsh man hopping about like he is standing on hot coals, shouting and cursing, head in hands one minute, screaming in jubilation the next. 

Congratulations Mrs Baynham, your husband has just had a rugby ball. 458 grams. Father and TV doing just fine!

And so, knowing how passionate my Byron is about his sport it would take a mad woman to invite three equally passionate families along to watch the game at our house knowing that not one of them would be cheering on the Lions. There was only one red jersey in the room that night. And me in a green one trying to help balance things out. Everyone else was a jumble of Australian and South African. Green and gold as far as the eye could see. Until a clever little phone app allowed me to rectify that problem!

And so the Lions wave goodbye after a passionate tour. Byron is walking on cloud nine and I am working hard on ensuring we haven't lost any friends in the process. 

Until four years time when it all starts again!

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  1. Yay to the Lions, and yay to Wales!!

    I was so lucky to be there on Saturday night - it was pretty amazing. When I get around to it (don't hold your breath) I'll write a blog post!


  2. It's alright, we can still be friends!

  3. Fun night for you all and especially B! I was in the city that night (not watching the rugby!) and the excitement was palpable. Fun times!

    And glad to have you back and blogging. It comes and goes in waves, doesn't it?

  4. Awe... Rugby! My Danny played for his high school but was constantly sent to the bench for ... CHECKING~ He kept having to be reminded that Rugby wasn't HOCKEY!
    He soon gave it up and stuck with what he loved most~ Hockey. Love the photo edit~ a house divided, but love conquers all! I am sure you still have plenty of friends!