Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rugby surprise!

We were offered some tickets to a rugby match in Sydney by some school friends who couldn't make it that night. It was fun to rug up and pack a picnic of wraps, chilli nuts and chocolate and spend a couple of hours yelling and cheering for our boys in blue. It was a close game and even though the NSW boys lost by a small margin the game was fun and there were lots of laughs watching other passionate supporters bellowing their approval or criticisms at the poor ref! 
The best part about an evening like this is the fact that we are doing something as a family. A precious thing as children grow older and develop their own personalities and social plans. As my girls make their way through High School I am so aware that only a few more years will see them spread their wings and nights like this where the five of us sit side by side in a row will get fewer and farther between. I'm getting too sentimental here. Pass the M+M's and lets get on with the game!

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  1. It looks like it was a great night ☺

  2. looks fun!