Sunday, September 01, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Fathers Day this year started out with lots of fun gifts for Byron (mainly of the edible and drinkable variety) 
As always a giant Toblerone that we expect to have shared out with us!
Then it was off for a walk through Newcastle where we found this bizarre gold and rich red draped sofa in the middle of the path going through the foreshore?! It didn't seem to be connected to any particular hotel or restaurant? I'm sure we weren't the only people to use it  for an impromptu photo shoot!

It's so nice that we can still celebrate Fathers Day as a family. As the girls grow older and their own lives get busier I hope that they always have the time to stop and celebrate Fathers Day with the man that has loved and protected them from the day they were born. 

And on that same note I too wish my lovely Dad a happy Bonus Fathers Day over in Ireland. He gets to be spoiled twice. Once in June when Fathers Day is celebrated all over Ireland and again in September when Australia celebrate their Fathers Day. Here is a funny photo of my Dad and me taking a "selfie" back in 2008. 
I think it may have been one of Dads first times being made to pose for a selfie and I can read in his face "What on earth is she up to now?" but I love that he put on his smile and let me mess away with the camera.
Happy Fathers Day Dad. You will always be loved.

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