Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Organisation V's Chaos

As we approach the end of another school term we all long for a change of pace, a change in routine. Over the last few years of combining raising kids/running the house/working as a nurse I have had to learn to be organised. This is not a quality that comes naturally to me as many of my friends will know, particularly friends who knew me in my teens and early twenties. 

For example as an 18 year old nursing student I shared a room in a rental house with Fiona. I'm going off on a tangent here... There was a weekend that I was planning to spend at home in my parents house. As I glanced around my shared room in the rental house I took in the pristine half that Fiona's bed was positioned and the chaos around my bed. Not having the time or inclination to do a proper tidy I scooped every one of my belongings off the floor and threw them onto my unmade bed. The finishing touch was a shake of my duvet which I then placed on top of the bed hiding all the mess beneath. I may then have had a wicked twinkle in my eye as I tucked things in here and there and made the shape of my belongings look like a sleeping person. The addition of a black soft toy to the pillow area to look like hair was the icing on the cake. Fiona came home from work late in the evening and walked into the dark supposedly empty bedroom... Surprisingly she still talks to me...!

Back to now. See how far I've come.... One of my stress saving organisational ideas I have discovered over this term is money. Lots of small change to be precise. This term I have eliminated the dreaded panic on Thursday night when the kids need their various coins for Friday sports and for their lunches that they get from the canteen as an end of week treat. Each Monday when I do the big supermarket shop I get out some cash and then go to the customer service lady and she gives me all the small notes and coins I need for the coming weeks activities, piano lesson, school excursions, sports, canteen etc. I lay it all out and then scoop it into a ziplock bag that I hide in the kitchen where no-one will raid it and at least it is one less thing to cause stress. I am looking forward to school holidays and taking a break from needing to be so organised. 

That wicked twinkle is making my eye twitch again... Roll on holidays!!!

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