Friday, August 01, 2014

01:08:14 Martha Stewart FAIL!

It was a friends birthday yesterday so I made a batch of Martha Stewart Earl Grey cookie dough, divided into two halves which I rolled and chilled waiting to slice into cookie disks. One half of it made a batch of cookies which turned out pretty nice. Not too far off the picture on the website! I put them with a little box of Twinnings Earl Grey tea bags and a card and dropped it to her door. 

The other half stayed in the fridge. When I was surprised today with a generous offer of tickets to an event by another friend I was so glad to have the second batch ready to bake and exchange for the tickets. It didn't go well. Everything looked fine but because I left the cookies cool on the tray they stuck. Solid. Like superglue. I tried every spatula and thin blade knife but only 6 of the two dozen came away whole. I was gutted. The kids weren't. They are all the broken bits. 

Back to the drawing board for a "Thank You" idea!!!

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  1. You should do a series of these! I bet they still tasted amazing. I love the look on Byron's face, priceless.