Friday, August 05, 2005


We had a lovely escape to Mum and Dads house in Duncannon in July.
Mum helped accompany me on the mammouth 14 hour journey from Northapton to Wexford(Thank God for the new portable DVD players we bought the week before!)
Byron took the sensible decision to fly over for a long weekend and avoid the horrible ferry crossing!

We had some great days on the beach and Sian and Granny even made it into the water for a swim! They were blue afterwards but happy! We had great picnics with flasks of coffee and scones from the local village shop. Rhiannon dropped one of Dads scones in his cup of coffee causing a big splash of scalding coffee to land on a rather delicate area- Good job they arent planning on any more kids! (I hope!)

We had a particularly amazing evening at the Hook lighthouse on Mums Birthday. There was an open air concert at the foot of the lighthouse, Bag pipes and a pipe band against a background of moody sky. It was very emotional as it was our last time to be there for the forseeable future. The composer of the concert was explaining the background to his music was influenced by the many people who had emigrated from the area in the past- a very fitting end to an amazing place that is full of memories for us as a family.

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