Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Worth waiting for!


At long last the final piece of paper work arrived from the UK to submit to the Nurses and Midwives Board in Sydney. It arrived on Christmas eve. I had been told I needed to submit everything in person by the end of 2008. I found out that there were only two more working days in December that the Board would be open. Today and tomorrow. I arranged to go down today even though they warned me that it would be very busy and I would have a long wait when I got there.

Two hours on a train and another hour queuing with a ticket clutched in my hand when finally they called my number. I handed over all my transcripts and references and then went back in the queue to be interviewed by the professional officer. I wasn't feeling very positive at this stage.

I had been told that when I submitted everything my file would be put forward to the Board for an individual review at one of their monthly meetings. January's agenda was already set so February would be the earliest I could hope for. Then if the board were happy with my paperwork I would be offered the chance to be enrolled on the "Overseas Nurse Conversion Course"

This course is a $10,000 3 month full time course in Sydney. 8.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Friday. Apart from the cost I couldn't see how I could juggle the kids and do this course without spending either Monday to Friday away from them or driving 4 hours each day. I wasn't that hopeful that it was going to work out.

You could have knocked me over with a feather when the officer enthusiastically read through my transcript and my reference from my boss at Northampton General Hospital and with a smile ticked and signed multiple pieces of paper and told me she could issue me with full registration on the spot! No course, no $10,000, no restrictions on my practise, no more waiting!

I am so excited, and nervous, my head is still spinning. I am working as an Assistant nurse today and tomorrow and then on Monday I will meet with the Director of Nursing to discuss working as a fully registered nurse!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Cians visit

Cian decided he would visit us today and bring his Mum and Dad along too!

He had fun meeting the guinea pigs.

We just couldn't persuade Joe or Rhonda to cuddle them....

We wanted to go for a swim but then there was a HUGE storm with hail and thunder and lightning so we just watched from the balcony.

We had a big lunch, then played some of our new games we got at Christmas like UNO.

Mr B came fourth each time (out of 4 players....!) Not a happy bunny to be sure!

After Cian woke up from his big snooze I got to take him for a walk along the edge of the lake. He had great fun with a small stick

"Cian poke grass with stick?"

"Cian poke ants with stick?"

"Cian poke stone with stick?"

I had great fun having him all to myself. When we got back to the house it was time for them to go home. It was only when Joe told Cian to put the stick down that I realised that Cian doesn't normally play with them, Ooops!

I guess that's why being an Auntie is so much fun!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fingal Bay.

We went to Fingal bay today. A drive of about an hour and yet you feel like you are on a tropical holiday!

We ate our lunch in the car park as soon as we got there under the dapppled shade of the old trees. The rest of the day consisted of a couple of hours on Shoal Bay beach, then a coffee, then another couple of hours on Fingal Bay beach.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Guinea Pigs

We have two new additions to our family. Bubbles and Bambi.

Two fluffy Guinea Pigs. Santa never gives pets at Christmas but this year he left everything Sian needed to house and feed a guinea pig leaving us the fun task of choosing some ourselves at a local pet shop.

The pet shop was closed until Saturday so first thing Saturday morning we jumped in the car and went off to choose them.

Sian decided on a white and grey one, Bubbles

...and a chocolate brown one called Bambi.

Watch this space for lots more photos I am sure!

Message for Chris and Jonesy

Chris came to visit me in early November, and we made the most of the opportunity and recorded a video for Gareth in Edinburgh:


It's been getting hotter here, and I decided to follow up with a part two of the video for both Chris and Gar. It's entitled Boxing Day Bliss:

Friday, December 26, 2008

St Stephen's Day Sand / Boxing day Bliss!

Whatever you call today, St Stephen's Day or Boxing day, we had a great one!

We called in to see my brother Joe, Rhonda and little Cian who are visiting Anne and Kel's house for the next week.

It was great to see them and to exchange gifts with them face to face.

Cian is at a fun age now where he can be given a gift to pass to someone. He looked around and always toddled his way to the the right person. He was able to unwrap his own gifts too which was fun to watch.

After a couple of hours we left for Caves beach. We had all yesterday left overs in an Esky on ice so we had a great picnic when we got out of the car.

When the food was gone we left the Esky in the boot of the car and went down to the beach.

I don't think we had ever seen the car park so busy and yet because it is a lovely long beach it didn't feel crowded.

We spent 3 hours splashing in the water, walking through the rock pools and enjoying some chill out time together as a family.

When we got home we threw the kids in the pool with a new pool toy from Anne. A HUGE octopus that measured over 3 meters from tentacle to tentacle!

Byron couldn't resist getting in too with his new inflatable beer and snack pool tray from Joe and Rhonda.

We have never really encouraged food and drink by the poolside but with a new present like this you have to make an exception!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

Wow! Have we got three lucky kids in our house. Santa came and brought some great presents!

Gareth got a new bike. It is HUGE. We think Santa might have slightly over estimated Gareths leg length. He sure wont grow out of it in a hurry!

Rhiannon got a "Littlest Pet Shop" gym. Essentially a toy to use with lots of plastic toy pets she has been buying with her pocket money over the last year.

Sian got something that we had been reluctant to commit to. A guinea pig cage!

That surely proves that Santa really does exist because Mum and Dad were not sure if they wanted furry animals taking over the house!

We had a lovely day opening presents, eating chocolates, opening more presents,talking on the phone to Grandparents overseas, eating lunch, eating more chocolates, eating nuts, swimming and finally crashing in front of the tv with the last of the chocolates, and some bags of nuts, and a bottle of wine.

I'm stuffed. Roll on January when I am going on a diet and exercising EVERY day and getting so super fit and slim... Yeah right, now where were those last few chocolates!

Christmas eve

Our Christmas Eve was lovely this year. Byron came home from work earlier than we were expecting. We had just finished making some cookies so we sat back with cups of tea and vegged for a couple of hours.

The kids all had a part to play in the Christmas Eve mass so we headed off at 5.30pm.
We watched Sian Alter Serve, Rhiannon dance and do a reading and Gareth ring some bells.

All kids were excellent and even Byron behaved himself!
When mass finished we went to Rathmines to watch out for the Wangi Queen.
We saw it come across the lake with Christmas music blaring and Santa waving from the front.
When we got home the sun was jut setting and everything felt very exciting in the half light.

We quickly made some reindeer food (oats and glitter) and the kids threw it around the front garden in a very frenzied and excited dance!
The water and carrots were left on the front door step.

After the Santa tray was set up three very hyper kids went up the stairs to brush teeth and go to bed. Magic!