Thursday, July 06, 2006


We are in the middle of a two week school holiday and are trying to keep the kids busy without taking out a new mortgage!

Today we went into Newcastle and Sian and Rhiannon did a candle-making workshop. It was in a big brick warehouse next to the trainline on the docks and used to be used for repairing the old trains years ago.

The staff running the workshop had big saucepans of melting wax on a big BBQ in the middle of the room- a very Australian solution to no electric socket points! It was really atmospheric and smelt great.

We went with three other families and brought the pre-schoolers for a walk along the docks to let off some steam.

When the caffeine levels started to drop we stopped in a cafe overlooking the harbour and had coffee and banana bread before heading back to collect the kids and their wax masterpieces.

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