Saturday, August 05, 2006

The week so far....

Its been a great week so far. The weather has been generally bright and sunny so we have got out and about in the daytime while the girls have been in school.

The first few nights have been a bit unsettled with Charlotte and Ross still on UK time. They are awake anytime between midnight and 5am for at least a couple of hours.

Poor Josie and Stef! We are just putting pillows on our heads and sleeping through! We had a breakthrough 3 nights ago when we bribed Charlotte with an ice-cream if she stayed in bed all night. 3 ice-creams later and we have all had lots more beauty sleep.

The good weather has broken, we had amazing thunder and lightning last night. One clap of thunder was so loud I swear the sofa shook! It is raining on and off today and poor Byron and Stef are being left to entertain all the kids while Josie, Danielle and myself have a child-free afternoon at Rhondas baby shower!

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