Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Eve / Cians Christening

Joe and Rhonda decided to Baptise their new baby Cian on New Years Eve this year.

The ceremony was in their local church in Sydney at 6pm and then we were invited back to their house in Neutral Bay for "Celebrations and fireworks" Very posh! Luckily for them their balcony overlooks the Harbour bridge where the traditional firework display happens every New Year!

The ceremony was lovely and Cian smiled through the whole thing. We really missed having my parents and sister there. It is at times like this that we feel far away from family.

After the ceremony we went back to Joe and Rhondas and let the kids watch the 9pm fireworks.

It was great hearing their reaction to them. Tenelle asked Gareth if he liked them and told him that his Uncle Joe had done them especially for him. Gareth was awe struck! He decided that the white flashes were for him, the pink ones were for the girls and the multi-coloured ones were for the whole family. Good ol' Uncle Joe! Tenelle couldn't leave it at that though. Just as Joe was standing there looking remarkably smug Tenelle told Gareth that Uncle Joe could do fireworks for Gar's next birthday! Gar looked excited, Joe looked a bit panicked!!!

After the kids had been put to bed on the floor of one of the bedrooms the party moved up a gear and the drink really flowed! A 1500ml bottle of Tyrells white wine was opened and I was the only one drinking it. Every one else was on red or beer. It was a bit scary to see what an indentation I made to the bottle. I can't quite say I finished it off but I wasn't far off!

My Mum, Dad and Sister rang us near midnight to wish us Happy New Year. They could tell I had had a few drinks but thought Byron was stone cold sober! They thought he was the designated driver for the night and felt very sorry for him. Little did they know that we were stopping over and would finally fall into bed at 4am!

We woke up the next morning feeling remarkably well. I don't think the hangover actually hit us till about midday and "Oh Boy" did it hit us bad! We made it back to Toronto for about 4pm and spent the next few hours wishing away the day till bed time.

A few emails to family and friends and an inspired visit to an Irish photo developing service and we were off to bed, sleeping away our hangovers while Bonusprint Ireland were busily printing photos of the Christening and preparing to send them direct to my Mum and Dad!

Not a bad start to 2007!

Happy New Year everyone!

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