Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little less and a little more.

A little less of this...
And a little more of this...
Not helped by this...

I'm having will-power issues this week. 
Not helped by my friend Nicola who sent me 29 chocolate bars in a parcel from Ireland for my birthday!

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  1. Ok so what time can i pop in then?

  2. I'll help you out ;-)

    That fruit salad actually looks really nice - and that's a big statement from a chocoholic.

  3. It's a good thing you have kids and Mr B!

  4. Chocolate is actually the thing that keeps me on track on my Weight Watchers program. Every night I indulge in a chocolate bar (I have to count it into my daily allotment), but for me it is worth it and it keeps me from "picking" at everything else in the house.

  5. Oh no I'm terrible at resisting too but you know you'll feel much better eating that yummy fruit:) xx