Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fathers Day

We spent Fathers Day today in Morpeth. A pretty town with wide streets and cute shops. We brought a bag with red apples and fresh pears and a Frisbee and soaked up the bright sunny Spring day. The smell of the woodfired pizza restaurant called to us and we followed our noses to a tasty and chilled out lunch in a hidden courtyard garden far from the chaos of normal life. 

We relished the simplicity of being a family. Of kids lucky enough to live under the roof of their father. Of a boy who tries so hard to be as fast as his dad, as strong as his dad, as clever... because dad is right there to be challenged and compared to. Of girls who have a good male influence in their lives. A man who loves them and shows them what it is to be a strong man without needing to resort to the physical. A man who holds their hands and hugs them close so they don't look for it elsewhere. 

On this Fathers Day weekend I followed behind these four people who make up my world and I captured them walking along, happy in each others company. I realise that although this was Byron's day to be fussed over and treated like a king it was me, the lucky mum,  who felt like I had won the lottery. 

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  1. A wonderful way to spend fathers day .. he deserves it :-) .. A lovely lovely family.

    Btw we have a Morpeth here too, up on the East coast near Newcastle :-)

  2. That's a beautiful ode to your husband Gina. What a wonderful family you have and it's through all of the dedication you all have to each other. Looks like a beautiful Spring day. xx

  3. Gina that is lovely entry and as you say lovely kids, hubby and mum. In fact a pretty fabulous family. Love to you all. Glad you had a good day xxx

  4. Beautiful...both the post and the photograph. :)

  5. How beautiful... from a sons point to a daughters~ their Dad is great! Lucky them, lucky you. You are blessed with a beautiful family. A son who will grow to be just like his Dad and daughters who will look to marry men just like their Dad~ It's every mother's dream! Happy Father's Day to the fabulous Mr. B!