Monday, October 08, 2012

Wrap up of School holidays.

It's been a fun school holidays. Each day we seem to have done something but the two weeks passed in a blur and each day has melted into another in my head. I had lots of good intentions to blog my way through the activities but the backlog is too great and so I will just try to go through my phone and let the pictures jog my memory and do some random blog posts over the coming days!

I am also looking forward to catching up on reading and commenting on friends blogs. I am having trouble with my phone allowing me to write comments as I read blog a good post but then frustratingly "lose" them as I press the publish button. I'm hoping now the kids are back in school and I can actually get some time in front of our family computer that things can fall back into some kind of normality.

Watch this space to see if my better intentions actually become reality!

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