Monday, September 23, 2013

Ollie's place!

In the last year there has been a new addition to the Baynham family. Little baby Oliver arrived in April to make Byron's nephew Kerry and his new wife Sarah a proper little family! In all the photos we see of him on Facebook he looks like the cutest little boy ever and we can't wait to see him when we go to Wales next year. Imagine our excitement when we came across this shop in a local shopping center... Ollie's Place!
It would be easy to spend a small fortune in there with all the cute clothes with Ollie's name stitched into them. We bought him his birth present there and made sure to include the cute plastic bag in the parcel for Sarah to use again. Now that Byron's parents are here we thought we should bring them in to have a browse. Rhiannon found a cute vest for him that we will send home in Myan and Den's suitcase...
If you are reading this Ollie, you come from an amazing gene pool. We can't wait to see you in January to cover you in hugs and kisses. Has anything in the photos caught your eye? Any advance requests? What about the soft Koala on the shelf at the back? One of everything in your size? Shall we put the application in to remortgage the house now? 

See you soon handsome. xo

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  1. How wonderful, good choice Rhiannon, what a lucky find. xxxxx