Wednesday, January 07, 2015

De cluttering

I got an email from a friend after Christmas. It told me about a book I just had to read called the "Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up" by Marie Kondo This is NOT a sponsored post. Marie Kondo does not know I exist and I am not a poster girl for her de-cluttering concepts. She suggests you de-clutter your entire house in one day. That's right! Your entire lifelong belongings in one single day. You have to be ruthless and hold each and every item in your hand and decide if it makes you "fizz" with joy! If it doesn't then pass it on. Bin it, recycle it, give it to a friend or a charity shop. Just don't keep it. 

Buying and reading this book didn't make me try to follow the KonMarie example. I just couldn't be as disciplined as she is. Instead it started a huge urge to spring clean room by room. I have cleared bags and boxes of "stuff" from our house. Each week the large whizz bin is dragged down to the kerb overflowing with junk and broken things I thought I might just have had a need for someday. Our neighbour is away for a few weeks and I got his permission to use his bins too so I can get rid of double the junk each week and keep his house looking occupied too! 

The local charity shop has been visited at least once a week and each drive there the car boot is laden down with clothes and toys that we have grown out of. Cupboards have been re-organised and re-purposed to adapt to the changing needs of our older family. Less toys, craft kits and dressing up and instead more designated storage for school work, laptops and study areas.

I do think that the book was the trigger for this big clear out and I may actually do a true KonMarie day at some point in the future but I think it will be a more manageable thing to do if I have already thinned out the contents of each room beforehand. 

Have you heard of this Japanese lady and her belief that everything you own should "spark" and "fizz" you with joy? Or do you just think I'm a lunatic for getting excited about it?! 

Byron says that as long as I can reassure him that he still makes me fizz with joy he's happy!

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