Friday, August 21, 2015

Not a bad place to work!

Almost 10 years since we arrived in Australia I still find I am having moments where I have to pinch myself. My current job as a nurse has me driving between 7 hospitals scattered around the Newcastle area. There was a function today to thank the managers that we work with in those hospitals and it was held in a gorgeous room overlooking the ocean. 

Today was the first really sunny day in ages. Winter disappeared and everyone was out walking and soaking up the Vitamin D. I stopped as I got out of my car and savoured the warmth. Then I sent a selfie to the kids and Byron which was a crazy thing to do moments before walking into the work function. My phone was vibrating with hilarious responses and selfies from them all in work and school which I wasn't able to look at. I ended up having to hide my phone under a table and had a great laugh when I went back to get it at the end of the afternoon!

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