Thursday, May 24, 2007

Guitar making class continued...

It was week 4 tonight and I went along confidently to see if my neck and soundboard had glued and dried successfully. They had, except I had stuck the two pieces incorrectly! I felt a little less stupid when I realised that Paul and myself had both made the same mistake. Strato had cut and re-glued the necks for us so we could carry on with the next step.

The wood for the back and sides of the guitar had arrived. Another bill to pay. This time Strato managed to get us an excellent deal by going direct to the mill that cuts these pieces. He got the wood for $140 each instead of $260 that we would have paid elsewhere. The running bill for this guitar has now passed the $1000 mark...Ouch!

Most of the night was spent planing the neck of the guitar down to very exact proportions. 19mm at one end, 16mm at the join and 12.5mm at the other end.

It is so nerve wrecking hoping that one more sweep of the plane won't take 0.5mm too much off. I also prepared the back pieces of the guitar for gluing and clamping but have to go back in a couple of days to do this as Paul was using the clamps on his soundboard.

It doesn't look much like a guitar yet. Hard to justify the money that has been spent on it so far. I'm sure it would have been cheaper to have brought me to a guitar shop on Valentines day and let me choose any guitar I wanted off the shelf!

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