Tuesday, May 15, 2007

We have grass!!!

At last, our muddy swamp in front of the house is transforming into a lawn!

Our friend Paul has been working really hard for a couple of days preparing the ground for the new turf. Byron has been really busy in work and has had to wait until he logs off at teatime before he can go out and join Paul. Last night they slaved on into the dark with all the lights on inside the house trying to give them enough light outside to work with. It is really amazing to watch the mud transform as the turf is unrolled and stamped into place.

Here is a photo of Mr B when he finished! After watching a couple of series of Desperate Housewives I am delighted to finally have my very own sexy gardener!!!

It was too dark to take photos of the new grass last night but here are some I took this morning...

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  1. Great improvemnet. Is that slope a bit steep?