Saturday, May 05, 2007

Local Views

We've posted enough images of our house being built over the past 12 months, so I thought I'd take the kids for a walk this morning and take some photographs of the new area we find ourselves living in. It really is very peaceful and picturesque living next to the lake.

"Yes, but what is this lake you keep harping on about?" I hear you ask?

Fair question.

We're living on the shores of Lake Macquarie, Australia's largest coastal saltwater lake. It has a whopping 150km of shoreline, and is connected to the sea by one narrow channel at Swansea. It is very popular for sailing, water-skiing, fishing and swimming.

That's enough of the lesson, on with the pics...

All of these photographs were taken within 500 metres of our new abode, and most were much closer. If you want see any of the images larger, just click them:

This is a picture of the local picnic area.

Local picnic area again looking towards the boat ramp.

Pelicans at the boat ramp.

View of our house from the local picnic area - you get an idea of how close the house is to the lake here.

Here's a quick video of the lake next to the house:

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  1. Lovely views, we're looking forward to exploring the area.