Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day - By Gina!

This time last year Byron and I sat down to a romantic candle lit meal for two. As we drank a lovely bottle of wine and enjoyed good food in a romantic atmosphere Mr B passed a note across the table to me. It told me that he was sending me "back to college" by sending me on the guitar making class.

A year later and the guitar is finished and I am now having weekly lessons to learn how to play it. I still go down to the workshop every Thursday evening but now I work there as an assistant. I'm not sure if Byron knew how much his present last year would end up costing him, over $2000 in class fees and materials.

This year to save money he decided it would be more sensible to just bring me to the local jewellers! We went down at lunchtime and he got me a beautiful new charm bead for my Pandora bracelet!

Thank you Mr B!

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