Monday, February 18, 2008

Rhiannons Clarinet

Rhiannon has dropped many of the sports she did last year. She said she didn't want to re-register for Tennis, Rugby T-Ball or Sailing. She didn't get an option with Swimming as I think it is really important. Instead of sports she asked if she could join the school band. She wanted to play the Clarinet so we made a few phonecalls, filled out loads of forms and joined her up. It costs a small fortune between the monthly cost of renting the Clarinet, the music books and the weekly lesson fees but I guess we are not paying out for all the sports she used to do.

She has been warned that she needs to take great care of her new Clarinet and that she has to promise not to abandon playing over the first year. She timidly went into the school music room on Wednesday morning where I payed the deposit on the instrument and waited to be told when her lesson time would be.

When I collected her from school she was so happy. She showed us how to put together and take apart the Clarinet, how to clean it and the two notes she had learned at her first lesson. She disappeared into her bedroom and practised and practised.

When Byron finshed work they went into the TV room together and I could hear Byron playing his Saxaphone and soon the sound of the Clarinet copying. She seemed to be just picking the music up straight away and by the time tea was ready she was happily playing an assortment of notes and had a full tune she could play from scratch with no sheet music to help her.

She really is putting in the effort and seems to have a natural ear. Lets hope it continues!!!

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  1. Could the Baynham Band keep the noise down please! You're keeping the whole of the UK awake at night!