Sunday, May 24, 2009

*UPDATED* I'm so excited!

Guess where we are going tonight!


The envelope above contained tickets to go see the "Three Little Pigs" in the Young Peoples Theatre last night.

Our friend Sophie was playing in it so we wanted to see her perform. We had 5 tickets for Sian, Rhiannon and myself, Angelina and her daughter Neve. Poor Neve woke up yesterday feeling sick and wasn't able to go.

It was a great show. very professional and with quite modern twists.
I particularly liked the joke about swine flu when the wolf had a sneezing fit and pulled a face mask out of his pocket!

There was no photography allowed during the performance so I had to call upon huge amounts of will power not to try sneaking a few flash-free shots from under my jacket! At the end of the show the cast came out on the stage and we were allowed to talk to them and take as many photos as we wanted.

Sophie was wonderful. Sian and Rhiannon were in awe of her dancing about on stage. Neve, we missed you. We hope you are feeling a little better this morning...

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